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25 Random Things About Me
  • I was born in the borough of Queens, NY. There was nothing the least bit regal about it. In fact, it seemed like the biggest noplace in the world during the 14 years I lived there... a pass-through on the way to Manhattan.

  • The most fun I ever had as a kid was when my mother would lend me her credit card and I would ride the bus into the city to go shopping at Bloomingdales, even though, when I'd get home and show her what I'd bought, she'd make me return half of it.

  • My first crush was in the third grade, on a boy named Stuart Bober. With his big tawny colored eyes and sweet, kind of girly features, he was the bomb. All the girls liked him. He'd take turns playing boyfriend, jumping around between one us once a week. When he chose me, it felt like I had him for five minutes before he moved on.

  • I hate nicknames. Here's why: My Ecuadorian grandmother called me Carita, and so my cousins used to singsong at me all day long, "Carita, Carita, the girl with the dirty feet-a."

  • I only started to love school when I was in tenth grade and joined SWAS (School Within A School), a little hippie enclave where we studied Marxism and Eastern Spirituality and German literature and had couches in the classroom and wore our hair super long.

  • I've lived in Woodside, Queens; Great Neck, Long Island; Portland, Oregon; Ithaca, New York; Chicago, Illinois; New York City (twice); Los Angeles, CA (twice); Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; Georgetown,Washington D.C.; Nyack, New York; Riverhead, Long Island; Southhold, Long Island; Deer Isle, Maine.

  • I agree with Jim Morrison of The Doors... the west is the best.

  • I’ve visited England, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bali, Lombok, Vancouver BC, Toronto, and I drove across the USA twice. My favorite place: Anywhere sunny.

  • I studied Urban and Regional Planning in college.

  • I've never had a job I've liked. Though I have learned very useful skills from each of them. How to make change (as a cashier), how to conduct a telephone survey (doing phone research for a real estate company), how to write a script (as a story editor), how to ask Congress for money (assisting at an environmental lobbying firm) how to create a website (as an HTML programmer), how to survive hundreds of mosquito bites (working on a film in the Amazon jungle), etc. And of course, how to breed flies (see Living on Impulse)

  • When I was about to graduate from college, I thought I'd be a lawyer, until I got food poisoning the night before I was supposed to take the LSATs. So I never took them.

  • I believe writing sets you free.

  • I now have to wear glasses to see, and in order to feel better about it, I have to tell myself they make me look more attractive.

  • I don't understand why it is that I know I'll feel better and look better if I lost five pounds but I can't seem to lose those five pounds. Oh wait... I remember. I LOVE to eat.

  • The first thing about my husband that I fell in love with was his name. I met him while we were both working on a TV show, but on my third day there he went away to shoot on location. When I told my friends that I had a crush on this guy, who I hardly knew, they'd ask me his name and I'd say, "J. Miller Tobin," and then they'd say, "Good name," and I'd say, "I know!"

  • I'd like to dye my hair a weird color, but I wouldn't like it if people stared.

  • I love to sing and think I have a very good voice, so when I'm out of tune it's kind of shocking.

  • I wish I could play a musical instrument but don't really have the ability to learn quickly enough to satisfy me.

  • I think Sanskrit is the most magical language.

  • I like to waste time by looking at other people's houses.

  • If I were to be granted three wishes, I'd wish for three more houses.

  • I like dogs better than cats, but I've met some cats that were definitely cool.

  • I believe our spirit goes on after we pass from this life. I've had proof.

  • I think just one person, even if you hardly know them, can change your entire way of life. If you let them.

  • I never thought I'd enjoy being a parent, until my son Gabriel was born and now I'm having the most fun time ever, with him and my husband Miller, his awesome dad. So you never know what's going to make you truly happy.


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