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The story of Red Palms is based on my mother’s childhood.

Just as in the book, she moved to a primitive island off the coast of Ecuador when her father went bankrupt and decided to restore the family fortune by building a coconut plantation there. She lived on the island with her parents and three younger brothers. There were others as well..fisherman who sold their catch on the mainland and natives who farmed cotton. My mother’s family relied on them for labor and support. But that’s where the reality ends. Benita is a fictional character, and all the experiences she has on the island were made up. The island itself is made up.

The story grew out of my travel experiences to the island, my mother’s memories and a collection of photographs that show how the island looked back Then and right Now.

Explore (then)

The Family

Getting Closer

Kids in a Row

Island Party

Big Palm

After Life
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Lucky Passage

Blue Hut

Fishing Boats

In The Village

Driftwood Hut

Hilltop Cemetary